Solumo Pathologists Ltd, a Finland-based commercial veterinary pathology service, offers high-quality diagnostics in histology and cytology. We serve veterinarians, veterinary clinics and research groups. Friendly service and close collaboration with our clients is essential for us. With our help, your patient gets a pathological diagnosis based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Our services

Our services include diagnostic pathology in cytology and histology, with special stains and immunohistochemistry. We have experience in the pathology of all domestic and many exotic animal species as well as experimental animals and animal models.

For research groups we offer help in the interpretation and scoring of tissue lesions. We can also assist in the study design, methods and conclusions.

We diagnose samples of all animal species. Please note that currently we don’t examine blood smears and bone marrow samples.


Currently our Solumo team includes three veterinary pathologists: Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo, Outi Simola and Niina Airas. All of us have worked in the field of veterinary pathology over ten years.

Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo DVM, PhD, Dipl ECVP

Outi Simola DVM, Dipl ECVP

Niina Airas DVM, PhD

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